Founded to fill in the need for more clarity in the complexity of the IT hardware landscape. Our approach is to KEEP IT SIMPLE while providing you with the best offer. Simplicity does not mean we avoid challenges. We keep a holistic view of your ICT ecosystem while GREEN COMPUTING is embedded in our solution. Energy cost is the majority of the operational costs of the data center. Following up on the GREEN IT-INNOVATIONS is part of our job in order to supply you with the best service.

Small, yet with the skyrocketing ambition to offer you the best!


What: IT hardware solutions and support for B2B active in video surveillance, video analytics, private cloud computing, data centers and hyper converged infrastructures.

How: Our technical expertise allows us either to make the right choice between the standard optimized solutions or to develop a complete customized solution based on your needs.

Why: Our mission is to thrive you forward by offering simplicity in a continuous evolving hardware and software landscape.